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Resume Review and Personal Coaching Session

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 A Mavin will review your existing resume and cover letter.  They will share specific and personal advice with you.  You will receive written feedback to update and improve your resume.  In addition, we will schedule a 30 minute one on one coaching session with you to discuss challenges you may have with your resume and how to address them.  Such as:

  1. Gaps in your employment
  2. Hard to explain job changes
  3. Short term or contract positions
  4. Moving from a higher level job to a lower one
  5. Transitioning careers
  6. Limited or no work experience
  7. No Canadian work experience

  • Skills to help you prepare yourself to nail that interview

  • How to communicate effectively with employers & your future team members

  • Personalized coaching sessions on how to build and apply your skills successfully

Find out how simple it is to identify and apply your skills more effectively to achieve your career goals.

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